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At Home Veterinary Services is a mobile veterinary practice looking after pets throughout the Hawkesbury district of North West Sydney.  We offer comprehensive veterinary services in the comfort of your own home.




We offer non-emergency consultations for dogs, cats and horses throughout the Hawkesbury district of north-western Sydney.  Our mobile veterinary practice offers a range of in home services including:



We want to ensure your pet is happy and healthy, so it's important to get your beloved pet checked by a vet regularly.  As with our own health, the key is early detection and prevention.  At a minimum, an annual health check is strongly advised.


Microchipping of cats and dogs is compulsory in NSW.  It is a short procedure that involves implanting a microchip (about the size of a grain of rice) under the skin.  Microchips are invaluable for helping to reunite lost pets and their owners.


Vaccinations prevent serious disease that in some instances are fatal or can cause ongoing complications for your pet.  We will visit your home to administer all scheduled vaccinations. This also provides a great opportunity to check on the health of your pet.


Heartworm can be a fatal disease that is transmitted by mosquitoes, therefore all pets are at risk. The yearly Proheart injection is a convenient and easy treatment - you'll never need to worry about missing a monthly heartworm treatment again.


Dental disease is a growing concern in our pets and can often go unnoticed by owners.  We can examine your pets teeth, and if necessary recommend a professional dental clean.  We will also provide you with advice on how to best look after your pets teeth.


Just as we do, pets become more prone to arthritis as they age.  If your pet is reluctant to exercise or play, has difficulty negotiating stairs, appears stiffer than usual, or is sore when touched they may be suffering from arthritis.  Our vet can tailor an arthritis management program to help your pet live a more comfortable life.


We provide a compassionate and personalised home euthanasia service for sick and terminally ill dogs and cats. 


By coming to your home we can provide a familiar setting and surround your pet with the things and people they love. 


We understand saying goodbye is never easy and aim to make the whole process as peaceful and gentle as possible.


We offer a limited equine service only which includes vaccination and microchipping of horses. Our vet is accredited with the Hendra vaccination program and is able to vaccinate your horse for inclusion on the registry.

Please note, we currently do not offer an emergency service or euthanasia for horses.


In most instances we can carry out clinical pathology on the spot at your home.  This may include blood tests, urine tests, fine needle aspirates or swabs.  Pathology can help identify a disease process or monitor the progression of an existing illness. All samples collected are sent to a dedicated veterinary pathology laboratory for analysis.


At the time of your pets consultation we are able to provide advice including but not limited to - weight management, nutrition, behavioural issues and parasite control.  We can also carry out minor procedures such as nail trimming and anal gland expression on the spot.



At Home Veterinary Services was established in April 2016 by Dr Michelle Harvey, a fully certified and registered vet with the Board of Veterinary Surgeons of NSW.  She graduated from the  University of Sydney with a first class honours degree in Veterinary Science in 2004, after initially completing a degree in Medical Science.  After many years working in private practice and emergency referral clinics in Sydney, Dr Michelle saw a growing need for an "At Home" Veterinary Service.  As a busy mum of 3 young boys, she understands how hard it can be to get out the door sometimes - let alone with a couple of children and pets in tow!

At Home Veterinary Services was launched with the aim of bringing professional and comprehensive vet care to your pets at home.  Dr Michelle has quickly built up a loyal client base throughout the Hills and Hawkesbury districts, and genuinely loves providing individual and personalised care for each and every pet.  Dr Michelle has a very calm and gentle manner with animals, and has a way of making pets feel at ease during their treatment.  She is a certified Fear Free practitioner and has a speical interest in palliative and end of life care. She is a pet owner herself, a registered breeder of pedigree Burmese cats, owns a beautiful Irish Sport Horse mare and a small flock of budgerigars.

When not at work Michelle enjoys a busy home life with her husband and three young sons.  She also loves horse riding, snow-skiing, reading and drinking good coffee! She is an active member of the cat fancy and has a small team of Burmese show cats she enjoys exhibiting.




Phone: 0421011661


Emergencies: Please contact the Small Animal Specialist Hospital Prospect on 8609 9444.

Location: We are based in Kurrajong.  All travel fees will be based on distance from Kurrajong Village.


All our appointments are by prior arrangement only.

It is best to provide us with plenty of notice wherever possible, as we may not be able to accomodate same day requests.

To arrange an appointment please contact us via email or messenger in the first instance.

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